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Welcome to Dr. William G. DeFoore's Quarterly E-Newsletter       W.G. DeFoore, Ph.D. April 2007 Vol 2 Issue 2   

 What Do You Treasure? 

Your favorite people, your favorite music, your favorite old shirt are some of your treasures. Take a look around your life and give your powerful, creative attention to what you treasure. Remember those moments when you knew without a doubt that you were totally loved for who you are. Recall the treasures of open-hearted laughter with friends that literally warmed your heart for days. Retrieve those treasured memories of children laughing with their whole bodies, totally consumed by the joy of the moment. Treasure the precious souls that are alive and with you now; your family, friends and four-leggeds. Enjoy the simple pleasure of comfortable clothes, good music and a view of spring flowers on a warm day. When you take but a little of your time to treasure what your mind can find, you are helping your heart to function well and activating processes that will keep your brain working and your well being flowing.

 Acts of Love 

I heard a program on Lime Radio recently about a father who found out what kind of music his daughter liked, bought CDs of her favorites artists, and listened to them. Then he asked his daughter to tell him why she liked the music and what she liked about it, and then they listened together. He used this as a way to get to know his daughter, and to understand and connect with her at a deeper level. This is a wonderful act of love, and one that is often overlooked in close family relationships. To truly show your love for your spouse, child or partner, take an interest in their passions. This will point you toward who they really are, and stretch you beyond the barriers that may be surrounding your love. Listen to one of Dr. DeFoore's Lime Spectrums here.

 Beyond the Illusions of Retirement 

Ode Magazine reports that the sixty-five year age marker for retirement originated in Germany in 1889. Apparently, the consensus at that time was that men who had labored physically all of their lives would be worn out by age sixty-five, and thus the marker was set. Here we are all these years later, acting as if that age still has some kind of meaning. Unless you have worn yourself out one way or another, you will have a lot of life left in you in your seventies, eighties and beyond. So bust the retirement myth and make up your mind to get financially free and fully creative as soon as you possibly can. The world is waiting to receive your gifts!
 Meditation, Emotion and Healing 

When you simply sit quietly and relax for a few minutes, you are raising your immmune function and moving closer to your amazing inner wisdom. The treasure house of your life experience and all of the genius insight that goes with it is sitting quietly waiting for you to access it. Meditation connects you to the wise, compassionate being who resides at your core. This part of you has been there all of your life, and has healing power and guidance that will help you in everything you want to do. It will not scream at you. It speaks softly, which is why you will only hear it when you are quiet and still. Learn more about this important process with Dr. DeFoore's new 2 CD program, Meditation, Emotion and Healing: Connecting With the Source of Well Being Within You.

 A Four-Legged Optimist

In the delightful novel entitled, Matters of Chance by Jeanette Haien, the main character Morgan is walking in an open field with his older friend Fanny. They are talking about some serious concerns following the passing of Morgan's mother-in-law. There are many emotions to process, and both are engrossed in heavy thoughts. Meanwhile, the family dog named Ralph is having fun in the nearby creek. When he sees Morgan and Fanny he comes bounding over to them, ecstatic to find playmates coming to his home territory. As he is jumping on them with his muddy paws, Fanny catches her breath from laughing and says to Morgan, "He's such an optimist!" It's true. Dogs are indeed optimistic! Let's take a lesson from our canine friends and take life as lightly as we can.

 The Shine of Silver 

Tim Touber and Jourrian Kamp of Ode magazine report that many companies are finding that their employees over age forty are more motivated, reliable and productive. Volkswagen, for example, initiated a fifty-plus program "geared toward keeping older employees on the payroll." VW's Corporate Executive Director states that, "Older workers are indispensable to keeping the company competitive and profitable." The article goes on to talk about the "dull gray image of aging" taking on "a silvery shine." Aging is living, and we're all doing it. Age with style and pizzazz. Age with enthusiasm. Age with elegant grace and poise, and offer the world your wisdom. Read more about Elegant Aging.

  New Discoveries in Goodfinding

Since I started this newsletter in August, 2004, I have been consistently amazed at the amount of positive information I've run across. A few of my most recent discoveries are as follows. is considered to be the #1 self improvement site on the web, with helpful videos and articles that will help you with every aspect of your growth and development. Science and Spirit magazine takes a look at the relationship between science and spirituality, and in the process gives us a chance to learn about our huge human and planetary range and diversity. will tell you about the work of a college professor and some of his students to address environmental issues in ways that are friendly--to the planet, its citizens and even to the business world. There are so many amazing people on this planet, right now, working to make the world better for you and me.

 Quotes from Great Goodfinders

"Heart-felt positive feelings create far more than a healthy psychological effect. They fortify our internal energy systems and nourish the body right down to the cellular level."
--Doc Childre and Howard Martin, Founders of The Institute of HeartMath

"There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life."
--Sophia Loren, Actress

"It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness."
--Charles Spurgeon, English preacher and author (1834-1892)

"The greatest gift we can give to the beloved is to know ourselves."
--Carl G. Jung, Psychologist and author




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