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Unsung Heroes and Silent Saints

Right now, all over the planet, people like you and me are quietly going about the business of doing good things. You won't necessarily read about this in your newspaper or hear about it on television. These are the everyday angels, the simple, hard-working folks who keep our streets clean, our homes safe and our businesses running. Look around you. Think about the technicians, designers, inventors and laborers that contributed to the furniture, appliances, electrical systems and technology that make it possible for you to do what you're doing. And think of all of the kind souls who are quietly doing good deeds, some small and some very large, asking nothing in return. Take a few moments and say "Thanks!" in your heart to these people you will never meet. You just improved your health and made the world a better place! Read more of this type of Goodfinding commentary by clicking on one of these links: Everyday Miracles, The Sacredness of Small Things, The Good News about Bad News, A Salute to the Silent Saints.
The Heart and Courage of Goodfinding

How hard do you have to work to find something to worry about? How challenging is it to your brain to be afraid, angry or cynical? Not very. It may seem tough, savvy or even cool to be "in the know" about how messed up the world is. Don't buy it. The real challenge is to find the good, to be optimistic while having your feet on the ground. For a business perspective on the power of optimism, check out Price Pritchett's great new book Hard Optimism. Goodfinding does require some work on your part, and that work will strengthen your immune system and make your brain work better longer. Have the courage and fortitude to find the beauty and value in yourself, your loved ones and the entire world around you. Growing medical research supports the fact that this is good for your body/mind health. Check out these links: For a Happy Heart, Heart-Math Study, Spirituality and Health, Teaching Our Physicians, Low Cost Health Care.
What's Good about Aging?

Aging is living! Yet the word has taken on a negative meaning for most of us. If you're into living and want to do it well, it may serve you to embrace aging and decide to do it with grace, dignity and verve! Here are some ideas and resources to help with your process of excellent aging:
* Your body is a naturally self-healing organism--learn to trust it! Read here about "Body, Mind and Spirit: A Program for Self-Healing offered by Dr. DeFoore."
* Your body and mind are a "use it or lose it" proposition--they want you to use them, and if you do they will work better longer! Read here about how to prevent Alzheimer's and improve your overall health (repeat from last newsletter).
* Try this exercise: Picture the outcome of aging you DO NOT WANT. Now right beside that image, picture yourself ALERT, HAPPY AND HEALTHY at the various future stages of your life. Say a resounding "NO!" to the first image and an enthusiastic "YES!" to the second. This is a technique that has been used successfully to train professional athletes! Read about Elegant Aging, and EMBRACE YOUR LIFE!

Become a Goodfinder!

You are invited to send stories, ideas, information and events that you consider to be uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring to ippd4@aol.com. It will be good for you and the whole world! You may see some of your input in future newsletters! Thanks for reading and FINDING THE GOOD!


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