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 The Brilliance of Being Human 

You have a brilliant mind! It is standard equipment in the human organism. What makes you unique is how you use your brilliance. In this newsletter, we focus on the good that you and your fellow humans are doing. You are a good person doing good things. If you don't feel that way, take another look. Notice your good heart. You mean well, even though things don't always turn out like you would like them to. You are not alone. Consider that right now, as you read these words, bright, innovative and good-hearted people are working to make our world a better, safer, and more enjoyable place. The more you become aware of the millions of good folks quietly doing their part to improve life for all of us, the happier and healthier you will be. Notice the warm feeling you have while reading about babies in classrooms teaching empathy skills to children, and when you discover how kids are getting excited about learning from heroes and role models in the fields of science, engineering and technology. Feel your heart smiling when you learn about Lexie, a 62 year-old shoe-shine man who has donated $90,000 to charity from his tips. Do yourself a favor and visit an online happiness building programFinding good helps the good to find you!
 The Joy of Facing Reality 

Usually when someone says, "Let's face reality," they're not about to say something positive. As a matter of fact that statement is usually followed by the speaker's negative opinion. What if you woke up one day and realized you had been living in a magnificent world of virtually unlimited possibilities? Let's face reality. You are. You are gifted with a body, mind and spirit that are so intricate and sophisticated that all of science and religion combined have not completely figured them out. Further, part of your capacity as a human being is to co-create your world with your thoughts, feelings and actions in each moment. Learning to wake up and face the reality and responsibility of your own creative magnificence is the greatest and most exciting challenge facing you today. The freedom and responsibility that accompany this awakening are both exciting and sobering at the same time. To consider more, read "Are You Optimizing or Impeding?", "The Presence of Opportunity", and "The Miraculous Moment."
 Business is Good 

If we're going to do some GOODFINDING, business is an excellent place to do it. Regardless of who we are or what we do, we are all involved in some kind of business most of the time. If you run your own business, you certainly want to be able to say "Business is good," and mean it! In a broader sense, consider that it might be wise to see business as a whole as a good thing. At its basis, business is simply the exchange of goods and services--and what could be bad about that? It's PEOPLE that make the difference. EBay has an ad that reads simply, "People Are Good." EBay is a business that relies on self-creating and self-correcting systems of integrity and reliability. If you don't treat your customers well, you won't do well, it's as simple as that. Business in general is an interconnected web of transactions and relationships that literally span the globe. Imagine that love, integrity and goodness pervade that web and make it grow stronger. You just contributed to a growing reality. Thank you. Read about good business here: "The Prophet of Sustainable Profit", "Love is Good Business", "Nature's Technology." You might also want to peruse this article on how open source software, a new cooperative technology development process is increasing trust and innovation in the software industry.

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