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 The Incredible Courage of Kindness 

Smiling is an act of kindness. Never underestimate the power of your smile! When you smile, you are sending non-verbal messages to your subconscious mind that all is well. This can strengthen your immune system (see "Smiling Away the Flu") and raise your sense of well being. Try it! Just put a slight smile on your face right now, and build a habit of it. You will notice immediate results. Smiling at others is an act of kindness. And kindness takes courage. When you smile at someone, you are saying, "I am not afraid of you. I am glad to share this brief moment in time with you." And that's just the beginning, as there are virtually unlimited ways to demonstrate kindness. At this very instant, all over the world, millions of people are being kind to each other in ways that you and I may never have imagined. Find out more about this and get involved at Partners In Kindness, where you can sign up for a free weekly email called "Kind Words," or contribute your own report of acts of kindness. Read about The Survival of the Kindest and learn of the "kindness therapist" who says, "You don't have to choose between being kind to yourself or others, it's one and the same." You might also want to read The Courage of Kindness and learn about the "power of vulnerability."
 "If They Knew Me, They Would Like Me" 

In the heart of rural New Jersey, miracles are happening. Melodye Feldman, a social psychologist and founder of Building Bridges brings Palestinian, Jewish and Israeli girls together to communicate in a new way. Herself a victim of discrimination and abuse as a child, she remembers telling her mother through her tears, "If they knew me, they would like me." Now she is fulfilling her purpose in life by helping children to get to know each other--and she was right as a child--the better they know each other the more they like each other. In a similar vein, Kim Hubbard, co-founder of Journey to Dream works with teen-agers in schools to give them a voice and an alternative to the many destructive choices available to today's youth. Kim and her associates enlist the help of existing leaders in the school--INCLUDING those youth who are leaders in the "wrong directions." As these teens get to know each other, compassion and healing spontaneously emerge. The wisdom of this approach is reflected in the success of these programs, and in the title of the Building Bridges article, "You Are Not My Enemy." Explore further The Power of the Loving Embrace, and discover how your powers of inclusion can bring peace and harmony to the world.
 The Power of Your Good Heart 

The folks at HeartMath Institute are doing some amazing things. Read A Change of Heart Changes Everything, and you will learn how you can lower your blood pressure, improve your heart function, increase the strength of your immune system, manage your emotions more effectively, increase your capacity for joy and love and improve your relationships with others with a few simple daily exercises. This is powerful stuff, as evidenced by HeartMath's client list which includes Hewlett Packard, Shell, Unilever, Cisco Systems and Boeing. Their research is sound, and their techniques are easy to learn and apply. They offer a Freeze-Framer technology that allows you to monitor and improve heart rate variability at home on your personal computer. One of the techniques is simply to "breathe from your heart," a matter of imagining your breath moving in and out of your heart. You may notice an immediately calming effect when you do this, and a tendency to be more warm and compassionate toward others. One of the studies cited in A Change of Heart Changes Everything demonstrates how your heart actually has intuitive knowledge of events before they occur. In your efforts to master your fear mind and become a GOODFINDER, you may want to not only breathe but see, feel and vision your life from your heart. In the words of singer/songwriter Van Morrison, "If my heart could do my thinking and my head began to feel, perhaps I would finally begin to know what is truly real."

 Goodfinding Creates Good 

The evidence is clear. As human beings, we are co-creators of our own reality. By tuning into, looking for, focusing on and talking about the good things in our world, we are literally making the world a better place. Read a physicist's perspective in Knights of the Sub-Atomic Age or check out Wayne Dyer's new book The Power of Intention. Consider claiming your freedom and responsibility to bring the best of who you are to this world that needs exactly that!

 Some Thoughts to Consider 

By helping yourself you are helping mankind. By helping mankind you are helping yourself.  -Christopher Isherwood

A joyful spirit is evidence of a grateful heart.  -Maya Angelou

Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by.  -Carl Sandburg



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