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Welcome to Dr. William G. DeFoore's Monthly E-Newsletter       W.G. DeFoore, Ph.D. August 2010 Vol 4 Issue 8  

Open The Flood Gates Of Well Being

While learning about savants recently, an idea occurred to me. Amazing abilities like those demonstrated by savant Steven Wiltshire in this video seem to be related to limitation. Steven, who drew an accurate picture of Rome after a 45 minute helicopter ride, is very limited in other areas of his functioning. Imagine a dam, with a huge lake on one side, representing all possible abilities, with only one small opening to allow water through to the other side. The pressure and force coming through that small opening would be tremendous (explaining the amazing ability of a savant), and much greater than the pressure if half or all of the flood gates on the dam were open.

Consider that there is not a lake, but an ocean of brilliance, joy, love and well being available to you. The size of this ocean is so great compared to your individual expression, you have the potential of savant-like brilliance in not one but many arenas! Since only some of your flood gates are open, the question remains, how do you open the gates to more of the joyful, exuberant well being and brilliance that is potentially yours? Make up your mind. Decide...choose to believe that all of the health, energy, creativity, love, compassion and peace of mind you have ever wanted is there, waiting for you to say "yes" to it. Open the gates, and feel the rush of your own amazing capacity for goodness flowing freely into your life.

Where Does Your Brilliance Show Up?

Thinking of the savants again, you might be aware that you have one or two areas of your life where you are brilliant. Whether it's in your chosen profession, art or an area as broad and challenging as parenting, there is a realm in which you have opened the gates to the full force of your potential. This is something you probably take for granted...don't. Whatever you spend the most of your time doing, or wherever your passion is, you have already become amazingly brilliant.

How would you like for your brilliance to show up in other, or perhaps even all areas of your life? I have a theory...see what you think. There is an ocean of joy, passion, creativity, love and talent available to each of us, as suggested by Carl Jung's concept of the collective unconscious. So, as I suggested above, even if you open all of the flood gates to allow your full capacity to come through, the ocean is so vast that you can generate the same intensity and power that flows through the savant! Unlike the savant, however, you are not limited to only one arena. By the way, tell your skeptical mind that I could be right about this! Try it! Just believe in yourself, relax and practice your Goodfinding journaling skills, and see what happens.

Folks To Inspire & Make You Smile

Talk about brilliance! Take a look at 7 year old vocalist Rhema Marvanne in this video, as she lets her amazing talent flow through unabated. Now watch this great segment about a man with almost no use of his right hand, who recently climbed Mount Everest, and plans to go on to reach the top of all of the other 6 summits of the world. Warm your heart as you learn about the wonderful Give Kids The World (video) project, founded by a man who lost his own childhood in a concentration camp. On the way to the National Wellness Conference last month, I met the founder and the chef for The Nourishing Kitchen of New York City. Supported by contributions, this (more than) soup kitchen has the mission of "healthy nutrition for all" in The Big Apple!

Have some fun with this playful clip of one man's walk across America in "stop-motion" and check out these goofy but wise relationship tips, created by Joel Satlzman. Also, here's a great video with Satlzman talking about the power of yes!

And on the totally playful side of things, watch this baby moose playing in a sprinkler, these brothers laughing (and biting), and these "serious" choir boys singing The Meow Song. Now discover the Waterbird, Kyle LeGrosso the child golfer and how to enhance happy memories in your children. And finally, watch these role models for fun and happiness! Open those floodgates and let it flow!

 Quotes from Great Goodfinders

"The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude."
--Friedrich Nietzsche

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
--Albert Einstein

"The greatest explorer on this earth never takes voyages as long as those of the man who descends to the depth of his heart."
-Julien Green

"All wonders you seek are within yourself."
--Sir Thomas Browne


"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."
--Carl Jung

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."



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