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Welcome to Dr. William G. DeFoore's Monthly E-Newsletter       W.G. DeFoore, Ph.D. December 2010 Vol 4 No. 12  

Is Optimism Easy?

Long term, yes...short term, not so much. And that's a good thing! If optimism was easy, you would not benefit nearly as much. The effort it takes to be optimistic is part of the value it brings, just like the effort it takes to eat well and exercise are part of the value they bring. Here's something to ponder: "Hard gets easy, easy gets hard." The longer you practice Goodfinding, eat well and exercise, the easier your whole life becomes. And, the longer you let yourself fall into the default mechanism of lethargy and cynicism, the harder your whole life will become.

I know some of you may be asking, "So that's great. But how do I get myself to do the hard stuff long enough that it gets easy?" Great question! Here's my answer: focus on, appreciate and value your good qualities, your efforts, and your good heart. In other words, learn to love yourself. I recently updated, revised and reproduced my audio CD program, Nurturing Your Inner Child, which will help you greatly to love and appreciate yourself exactly as you are. Listen to a free preview here. The more you focus on the positive in you and the world around you, the easier it gets to be optimistic and become the amazing you that you were born to be.

The World Is Just Awesome!

The Discovery Channel created a "Boom De Ya Da" video challenge with their "The World Is Awesome" commercial, and the results are inspiring and a lot of fun. Start with the original one, which will get you in the mood. Then follow along with this one that is just as good and carries the signature quality of Discovery. Now let's go to Toronto where the song has been adapted to (surprisingly) the subway. And finally, watch this "Boom De Ya Da" video that includes the song and some absolutely beautiful photos. What I love about these videos is the inclusiveness. You can see hugely diverse groups of people, sights and locations all joined together under the theme, "The World Is Just Awesome."

So what is the real value here? This light-hearted fun, believe it or not, makes you smarter, healthier and more kind-hearted toward others. Smarter and healthier because the positive emotion contributes to heart and immune function, and kinder because you're just going to naturally be nicer to others when you're feeling good. To revisit the surprising idea you've seen in other Goodfinding newsletters: "Having fun and feeling good is the best thing you can do for yourself and everyone around you." And if you can love this amazing, vast and beautiful world with all its human and non-human inhabitants, then all the better!  Build on this when you check out this interview with me on Goodfinding with Linda Nuss of LightMeUp! Radio.

For Your Inspiration And Laughter

Let's start with the story of Zenyatta, a race horse with heart, style and brains that can run like the wind. If you've ever wondered if things are going to be okay, here are a lot of good folks from around the world who have the answer for you. Here's an extremely inspiring video telling of the pre-success failures of Lucille Ball, The Beatles, Michael Jordan and others, making the point to keep on trying! Watch this clip on CNN's Top 10 Heroes, including stories of the medical miracle in Juarez, Mexico, a woman helping women come home from prison, and a man who builds homes at no charge for injured war vets and their families.

We all need physical touch, like we need fresh air, good food and clean water. And now we're learning how it can help athletes perform better! And you will love this inspiring video about an injured physician who rediscovers the importance of touch and attentiveness while being a patient in his own hospital. Have you seen the movie, Lars And The Real Girl? I highly recommend you watch this incredible and very funny film about a town that opens its heart and mind to allow the healing of a very unique young man. Watch the trailer here.

Oh, and I promised you some laughter! Have some fun with the human ventriloquist dummy and this animation of "I Feel Good!" And while we're in the music mode, enjoy "It's Amazing," the Hallelujah Chorus at Macy's and a very touching "Silent Night" video--featuring sleeping babies and a Dutch vocalist.

 Quotes from Great Goodfinders

Courage is a quiet voice."
--Brad Berk

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.
--Abraham Lincoln

"If you think you can win, you can win. Faith is necessary to victory."
-William Hazlitt

"Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy."
--Norman Vincent Peale

"The real secret to success is enthusiasm."
--Walter Chrysler

"The greatest success, is successful self acceptance."
--Ben Sweet



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