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Welcome to Dr. William G. DeFoore's Monthly E-Newsletter       W.G. DeFoore, Ph.D.

November 2011 Vol 5 No. 11  

A Quantum Leap Into Well Being

It's amazing how far a small step can take you. Tack enough of them together, end on end, and you will find yourself taking a giant leap into exactly how you want to feel. Believe it or not, you're supposed to feel good all of the time. It's not about waiting until we have what we want and all of the problems are solved before we feel good--that just doesn't work and it takes too long. Feeling good is how you get what you want and solve your problems! So, if you're not feeling as good as you want to right now, take the small step of noticing something good:
  • What's working in your life, in your body, and in your relationships?
  • What have you wanted, that you now have?
  • Who loves you and likes hanging out with you?
  • What problems had to be solved before you could take the time to read this newsletter?
Those are just a few of the small steps you can take that will literally turn into a giant leap when you take enough of them. Your energy will soar, your enthusiasm will pick up, and you'll find yourself motivated to do all of the tasks that lie before you, just because you took a few minutes to notice what's good, right and working--and you didn't even cover it all! This video on gratitude from TED is one of the finest I've ever seen, and it will take you many steps forward. As the awesome, brilliant being that you are, you are capable of a quantum leap into well being...and you get there one small step at a time.

Finding The Gold In Your Shadow

If you find yourself hitting a wall on your journey to the joy inside, that probably means you have a subconscious barrier or old worn-out defense mechanism that tells you it's not safe to be truly peaceful and happy. If that's the case, don't worry. You're not alone. Many of us learned that we have to keep our guard up, watch out and be cautious, which precludes the comfort and relaxation that goes with true happiness. The only thing keeping you from the positive feelings you want may be an untold story or unexamined memory or two.

The gold in the shadow of your inner world is your joy, peace and love, and the shadow is your subconsciously held pain, fear and anger. This journaling process will help you on that journey, and might even give you the release and healing you need. Simply by writing about your past experiences, you are forming new neural pathways in your brain, easing the tension and stress connected with past unpleasant and traumatic memories. If you want to take it to another level and include the powerful component of imagery, you will find the Nurturing Your Inner Child audio CD/download to be highly beneficial. Read the script to this program here at no charge to you as a subscriber.

Fun, Awe And The Joy Of Helping

Let's start out with fun! Who would have guessed you'd ever see Laurel and Hardy dancing to Santana? Watch this video for a guaranteed laugh, then be amazed at this mighty warrior defending against three green aliens. Now as we move into the awe arena, watch this owl coming in for a landing, which is sure to bring a deep wave of appreciation from inside you. And here's a chance to be in awe of human ingenuity as you check out this quadroped robot and these solar race cars.

The rest of this segment is devoted to inspiring tales of good folks like you making a very big difference in the life of others. If you weren't already aware, you'll feel quiet gratitude for the 911 boatlift, and for these good folks providing homes for wounded vets. Along these same lines, learn about families helping families during tough economic times, and a teacher who provides music as an alternative to would-be gang members. These great people would all be examples of "Thrillionaires," people who get a thrill from helping and giving to others. Learn more at And finally, you will be touched and inspired by this Say Yes video, and what it can mean to a boy to have a man to be his "Big." I hope this newsletter has lightened your heart and lifted your spirits!

 Quotes from Great Goodfinders

"The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades."
--Timbuk 3

"You are not a realist unless you believe in miracles."

Anwar Sadat

"What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality."
-Otto Rank

"A problem is a chance for you to do your best."
--Duke Ellington

"Some people march to a different drummer--and some people polka."
--LA Times Syndicate

"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours."
--Peter Rock



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