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April 2013 Vol 7 No. 4  

Your Natural Exuberance

You were born with it. Then of course, life happened, so it may sometimes be hard to keep that natural exuberance going...but that doesn't mean it's gone! As a matter of fact it's there inside you, right now and all of the time. It's who you are inside, and it's your source of well being, energy and enthusiasm for life. The road back to this joyful essence is your very own life journey, paved with the memories and experiences that formed the way you see yourself today. As you travel that road, you will find the face of joy jumping up at you here and there saying, "Hey! I'm here! Come and get me!" Dive deep into your joy-filled memories of love, pleasure, peace and enthusiasm. Savor them, while remembering that this is you, this is what you were born for. If sorrow comes up, let it wash through you as you keep the beauty of your exuberance in focus. Anger, fear and sadness are but markers on the roadway back to your original, essential beauty.

Fortunately, some parents know how to help their children keep their natural exuberance alive, as this video about a 7 year old entrepreneur suggests, and this one showing a 9 year old discussing the Universe and the meaning of life. And then there are those adults who have figured out how to reconnect with their inner joy, like this retired teacher in New Mexico who is "invigorated" with his "big adventure." Celebrate the happiness of others, and you will feel your own exuberance arise.

Be Easily Entertained

Bring your joy close to the surface by finding as many little, big and middle-sized reasons for a smile, a chuckle or a sense of awe. Surprisingly, brilliance comes from lightheartedness, not the heavy, serious mental focus we have come to think of as intelligence and maturity. Being playful, looking for humor and finding pleasure in the small and simple aspects of life will take you farther faster in your health, your relationships and your career. For example, here is a video of a fine young sophisticated gentleman who finds the tearing of paper to be absolutely hilarious, and twin girls totally entertained by dad's guitar playing (notice how they connect with each other).

Celebrate the beauty of this teenage girl in Ohio who chose to honor her grandmother, who recently died at 89, by doing 89 random acts of kindness in 18 months. And here's a story about an 18 year old girl who invented an inexpensive, life-saving water filter...small acts with huge results. You don't have to be an inventor, and it could be that no one will know about the kindnesses you've offered...but you'll know, and the greatest value is what you do for your own heart and soul. So, continuing in that vein, enjoy this street musician doing amazing things with his electric violin, and have some fun with this video ensemble (co-created by you) "in b flat." This is indeed a highly entertaining world, within you and all around you.

Inspiration & Easy Entertainment

Starting with inspiration, I know you'll enjoy this session with Bobby McFerrin jamming with his audience to Ave Maria, and this great high school music teacher helping his students discover the music in their hearts and souls. Visit a wonderful Facebook page called, The People That Inspire Humanity, and watch this powerful and touching video of a boy finding freedom and healing through dance and exuberant expression. Discover how a program called At Home Within is providing transformation and renewal for the homeless, and how The Independent Project allows high school students to be the teachers in their own schools--don't miss this one! And for another example of brilliance in our youth, meet a 12 year old who reads 300 books a year!

The benefits of optimism just keep pouring in, from a huge variety of sources. This article looks at the exuberant positivity of the stars of Life Of Pi and Silver Linings Playbook, two great films, and this one reports how a sunny outlook may help you lower your cholesterol. Ever just want to push a button and make everything okay? Well, here it is! And now that you know that everything is okay, enjoy this astounding music box, and this concrete tent for disaster relief victims. Now enjoy a good chuckle when a bear shows up in a camp and surprises the campers with some very odd behavior. And to close out our easy entertainment section, you'll love Tillman the surfing bulldog, and the golden retriever who just loves music (and doesn't want it to stop). Have fun!

 Quotes from Great Goodfinders

"There are flowers everywhere for those who really want to see them."
--Henry Matisse

"Let us go singing as far as we go: the road will be less tedious."

We should tackle reality in a slightly humorous way; otherwise, we miss its point."
--Lawrence Durrell

When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves."
William Arthur Ward

"Since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of time, you are incomparable.
-Brenda Ueland


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