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Discover the new look of the GOODFINDING web site! You will find two videos, one on the home page in which Dr. DeFoore talks about Goodfinding, and on the Anger Management page in which he talks about anger. Also learn about some amazing young men doing wonderful things on Extreme Kindness.com. From corporate training to traveling around the country doing "random acts of kindness," they are always up to something good! By the way, you can find the "random acts of kindness" folks themselves at Acts of Kindness.org. There is also a great new magazine called Positive Thinking-Attitude is Everything, which speaks for itself! You will find these links as well as many of those referenced in former newsletters in the Find the Good link list on the right side of this page. Enjoy!

 Your Brilliant Inner Physician 

Your body is a naturally self-healing organism. Your body/mind system is perfectly designed to create and maintain health, and to heal when your health is threatened in any way. The more you believe in the natural healing capacity of your body, the better it will work for you--that's the mind part of the body/mind connection. Since the moment you were born, your magnificent brain has been processing information at a rate of approximately one million bits of information per second. Most of that information has to do with your physiological functioning--there's your inner physician. Your intuitive wisdom, your Emotional Intelligence, your gut feelings and hunches represent highly valuable information coming directly from your "Brilliant Inner Physician," that part of your consciousness that knows all of the intricate details of your health needs. Spend time listening to your own inner wisdom, in meditationprayer and journaling activities. You are so much more intelligent--especially about yourself--than you realize.
Check out Business Week's article entitled Medical Guesswork (podcast available) and learn how important it is that you educate yourself and learn to make informed decisions regarding your health care. You may also want to read Your Inner PhysicianLow Cost Health Care and The Educated Health Care Consumer. Our Goodfinding CD program addresses this topic in depth, as does our Body, Mind Spirit program.


 The Importance of Feeling Good Now 

The better you feel, the higher your energy level, the better your immune function, the smarter you are likely to be. Feeling good is no light-weight "namby-pamby" thing, it is serious business. According to The Nun Study, the more positive emotion you experience and express the less likely you are to develop Alzheimer's Disease. Dr. Paul Pearsall reports in his book Superimmunity: Master Your Emotions and Improve Your Health that "how you feel about your health is more important than what you do about it." Feeling good about aging can add up to 7.5 years to your life, according to a recent Yale Study. When you feel good, you're more likely to be relaxed, which allows more oxygen to flow to your brain, making you smarter. When you feel good you will be more motivated to exercise, eat well and generally take better care of yourself. Ironically, most of us have never been taught the importance of feeling good. Well, it's about time, and you've come to the right place!GOODFINDING is all about helping you to feel good for all of the right reasons. Try this exercise to feel better right now: 1) Think of a problem or situation that doesn't feel good 2) Ask yourself what you want instead, or what would make you feel good, and 3) See if you can come up with some current beliefs that you have which support the possibility that you can have what you want. Examples of this type of belief would be, "I can do whatever I set my mind to," or "I have accomplished many things which at one point seemed difficult to attain." This is a powerful exercise that you can use every day, to keep yourself in a positive feeling mode. The better you feel, the better you will function!


 The Angel's Advocate

In his book entitled Primal Leadership, Daniel Goleman tells of an "angel's advocate." We are all familiar with the "devil's advocate" who pokes holes in whatever new idea is on the table--the "angel's advocate" simply looks for reasons that any new idea presented just might work. Goleman and his associates found this to be a highly successful approach to improving meeting processes and encouraging innovation in business. Support and affirmation require more courage than fault finding and criticism. Be brave, and support the new ideas you hear from those around you, while keeping your healthy skeptic close at hand. Be braver still and support your own new ideas. Reach back into that creative mind of yours and bring up those brainstorms that have been brewing for a while. To quote Albert Einstein, "If at first an idea is not absurd, there's no hope for it." Encourage the genius inside you to speak.


  Quotes from Great Goodfinders 

"Heart-felt positive feelings create far more than a healthy psychological effect.  They fortify our internal energy systems and nourish the body right down to the cellular level.  For that reason, we like to think of these emotions as 'quantum nutrients.' "
--Doc Childre and Howard Martin, (Founders of The HeartMath Solution)

"Go slow, stop thinking, look around; you'll see something beautiful if you open yourself up."
--Vincent Van Gogh

"Happiness is like jam. You can't spread even a little without getting some on yourself.



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