W.G. DeFoore, Ph.D. December 2013 Vol 7 No. 12  

Be The Hero Of Your Own Life

It's all there inside you. Your inner world contains your greatness and your smallness, and everything in between. And you're at the heart of a great story...your life story. Inspire yourself with this video, a trailer for the movie "Finding Joe," based on the work and teaching of Joseph Campbell. This great man encourages us to "follow our bliss" and take "the hero's journey," which is a pathway to your greatness, and everything you want. Much of the struggle in our lives occurs when we look for the heroes and villains outside ourselves, without learning to dance powerfully and gracefully with the many characters that reside right here inside.

What is your story? What myth, legend or epic journey sparks your imagination or stirs your soul? Use these stories as a template, or a filter, through which to view your own life. Remember that every hero or great person you've ever admired is a reflection of who you are and can become--that's why you were drawn to them. Likewise, the greatest villains you find in the stories around you reflect your own fragmented and unclaimed aspects, who are merely waiting for the healing of your loving acknowledgment and integration. What is your childhood story, the one you choose to no longer live? And how would you like your story to go from here? Claim authorship--claim authority--over who and how you choose to be from this day forward. Here's a longer Finding Joe video (15 minutes) entitled, How Do We Find Our Bliss? Use this helpful guidance for the next phase of your heroic saga.

Create A Container For Greatness

You have a choice about how you sit, stand and walk. It will take take some time, energy and focus to correct your posture, retrain your body to sit with a straight spine and your pelvis tucked under you, but it could actually reduce the amount of time you spend at the pharmacy, in pain, or in surgery. Play around with this a little. How would you be sitting right now if you felt powerful, confident and peaceful all at the same time. Now stand up and walk as if you had all of the courage, stamina and youthful energy possible. You'll want to do this consistently in order to feel true and lasting benefit, but I assure you that regular, repeated effort to invite your body into the posture and movement of well being will pay off in ways beyond what you might imagine. Watch this excellent TED video in which Amy Cuddy tells how "Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are." She makes the excellent point that posture and how you carry yourself not only influences how others perceive you, it has a powerful impact on how you feel about yourself inside. Consider that everybody inside is listening, feeling and watching the shape and movement of your body. If you hold the posture and movement of courage and confidence long enough, your inner hero will inevitably be drawn into that space...helping you to become exactly who you want to be. 

Step Lightly, Now!

Fill your container with some laughter, "sondering" and entertainment now, as we explore some of the wisdom and goofy antics of our fellow humans. Wondering what "sondering" is? Find out right here. Yep, as this newly created word suggests, we're all in our own epic story. Now let's launch into this segment from both ends of the spectrum...with some tech savvy grandparents and a kid president's pep talk. Tickle the giggle box of that child inside, as you watch these little ones trying to say "Trick Or Treat," and these dogs showing their Frisbee skills. And speaking of "stepping lightly," this fabulous group of young dancers will lift your heart as they tap dance to the "Cups Song." While we're in the musical realm, enjoy this dad and kids combo in their delightful music video reminding us that everything counts, followed by Dante Bucco and his "hang drum solo" -- you'll be impressed! Watching the crowd is almost as much fun as watching the performers in this Munich Flash Mob video, a rousing performance, indeed. These great Jumbotron moments will bring a smile, as will this time lapse video of a veteran's amazing transformation. Let's wind down a bit now, with this wonderful nature video and a quick look at the Detroit Lawn Mower Gang, a group of volunteers having fun making things better. To conclude, if you want to kick-start your hero's journey, look at these 43 ways to leave your comfort zone and rock your world, and expand your mind and your horizons with some free Yale courses.

 Quotes from Great Goodfinders

"Be brave. Even if you're not, pretend to be. No one can tell the difference."
--Jackson Brown, Jr.

"It is love that gives life its shape and purpose."
--Thomas Moore

"Beautiful vitality glows within every living cell of my whole blessed body."

--Michael Quach (the Affirmations! app)

"It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important."

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

"One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats."
-Iris Murdoch


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