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New Goodfinding Website is now live, and we have a gift for you! This site is totally and completely devoted to creating happiness on purpose. Visit now and often, to stay up to date on the latest insights, information and videos designed to lift your spirits and suit your fancy. To celebrate the launch, and as a thank you for being a loyal subscriber, here is a free Goodfinding audio download for you, excerpted from the full Goodfinding audio program. You will also enjoy this overview chart that you will find on the home page:

Practice these three attitudes daily, and watch your life get better and better! Watch this video to learn how to journal about gratitude, appreciation and optimism.

What If You Knew For Certain...

That you are good, loving and powerfully creative in the core of your being. That your true nature is a miraculous combination of wisdom and innocence, vulnerability and power. That your body and mind together comprise a naturally self-healing, self-correcting organism that relies on your confidence and optimism to work at its maximum capacity. That along with you, there are billions of good people doing the right thing in this world all day every day, making it a better place for all of us. That in many ways this world and its inhabitants need you to believe in them and in our collective ability to keep on improving this human experience on planet Earth. That your future is bright, and the more you focus on that, the stronger it becomes. That the world is better, safer and healthier now than it has ever been before. What if you knew that feeling good and having fun are the most important points of focus for you as you go about the business of creating the beautiful, fulfilling life you choose. What if you knew for certain that feeling good and having fun activates the brightest and best of who you are, making you wiser, healthier and kinder to others. What if you knew?

Innovation, Inspiration And Fun

One of the most exciting and dynamic realms of innovation is in the field of energy development. This fun and informative video introduces the Spherical Solar Energy Generator, and how it could potentially revolutionize the process of using the amazing power of the sun to benefit humankind. Most people realize that it is healthy to get a certain amount of exposure to sunlight on a daily basis, but did you know we also need exposure to the earth? Watch this video about Earthing, and how you can enhance your energy level and overall well being with some very easy steps...onto the earth with your bare feet. Anybody got stress? Watch this TED video by health psychologist Kelly McGonigal, and learn how to "make stress your friend." She makes an amazing point that the belief that stress is bad for you is far more harmful than stress itself. And on the subject of getting outside and managing stress, watch and listen as Olympian biker Evelyn Stevens explains, "Why We Play." Along these lines, enjoy this video showing how moms make falling down into success. Now moving from the outside to the inside, check out these 6 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude, and this TED video by Brother David Steindl-Rast on how gratefulness leads to happiness.

As we transition from innovation to inspiration to fun, read these encouraging success quotes and watch this 5 year old with an amazing knowledge of world geography. You'll also be amazed as you watch this man and his relationships with lions. Okay, here we go into the pure fun part...this video by Soul Pancake called, "Why Walk When You Can Dance?" will delight you, and you can keep that same great feeling going with this music video simply called, "Happy." And to finish off, Chicago's Magic Piano is bound to bring a chuckle or two. Thanks for joining us!

 Quotes from Great Goodfinders

"The imagination is the great friend of the unknown."
--John O'Donohue

"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."
--Mark Twain

"Enough is abundance to the wise."


"You are the sum of your phases and experiences, and therefore childhood is not something you leave behind. It is a piece of you that weaves itself ever more tightly into the fabric of who you are becoming."

Thomas Moore

"In the presence of great music we have no alternative but to live nobly."
-Sean O'Faolain


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