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May 2014 Vol 8 Issue 5  

  To Your Happiness And Health
The evidence is perfectly clear. Being happy is good for your brain, your heart, your immune system and your overall energy level. When you find and focus on what is good, right and working about your body, your mind, your relationships, and the world around you, everything works better, and the world is literally a better place because of you.

Why is that? Why does your happiness make the world a better place? Here's why:
  1. When you're happy, your heart and mind are more open, so you will be more accepting, less judgmental and more loving.
  2. When you're happy, you will be more relaxed, and you will have more oxygen flowing to your brain, leading you to make better decisions.
  3. The world needs loving people making good decisions, therefore, your happiness is good for the world.
Because of this, more and more brilliant people are starting to join in and contribute to the collective happiness in the world. That's why you find such excellent programs as this free happiness course, provided by UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center. I also recently discovered a wonderful site called Happify.com, an absolutely tremendous resource for increasing your happiness and health. I just went there, and found this beautiful award winning 6 minute film called, "Give of Yourself, and It Will Always Find Its Way Back to You." Smart, talented people the world over are focusing on ways to bring more happiness into your life and mine. Your happiness matters.
  New Format For This Newsletter
You probably noticed this issue is shorter, with fewer articles in this column, and fewer links in the right column. I'm still collecting lots of great links to great videos and stories to lift your spirits and warm your hearts, but rather than loading up the newsletter with those, I'm going to direct you to some places where you can find them on dedicated pages. For example, you'll see that in the right column on this page, you can still access everything that was in previous Goodfinding issues from the links that are there. For example, you can visit my happy videos page any time, to see the latest additions I've made there. And for my current list of fun and uplifting links to great new videos and stories (which was the third article in this newsletter, previously), go to my current links page, where you'll also find "Quotes From Great Goodfinders" (previously the fourth article).

I hope you like the new format, and if you'd like to give feedback of any kind, please contact us any time. Thanks for reading, and for being a Goodfinder!


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