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  You Are So Much More Than You Know
To accurately see your own value may be one of the greatest challenges you face as a human being. So I'm going to help you with that, right now. Take your self awareness to a new level with this exercise in appreciation. Relax, breathe deeply, and just consider that these statements could be true about you:
  • You are far more beautiful than you have ever imagined.
  • Your heart is deep and vast in its capacity for love and compassion, and your longing to express this love is one of the strongest forces operating in your life.
  • You are naturally a joyful and creative being. You love to laugh, and you love the feeling of breaking new ground, charting new territory and discovering new wonders in life.
  • Whatever your shortcomings may be, your goodness is a far brighter light, which yearns for your acknowledgment, recognition and expression.
  • You are wise, in your own unique way. You have insight and brilliance to offer that no one but you can share.

Now consider using your brilliant mind to take this further, by doing all of the exercises described on this page on self love. It might surprise you to know that loving yourself is the first step toward kindness, compassion, and true service to others. Why? Because when you start loving and appreciating your own beauty and brilliance, you will have more energy...energy to be kind, generous and creative...exactly what this world needs.

Now enjoy my new Overview Of Goodfinding video!

  Quotes From Great Goodfinders
"Discovery delights the heart. This is the natural joy of childhood, and the earned joy of the artist."

"The simple act of identifying and then appreciating the things people do for us is a modern-day wonder drug."

"The child lives in the neighborhood of wonder, where innocence keeps mystery playful."
--John O'Donohue


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