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Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul, says: "Bill DeFoore’s originality, style, good heart and broad intelligence makes his a voice worth listening to in a noisy age. If anyone can give us reliable guidance toward deeper emotion, Bill can, and he can do it with imagination and genuine compassion."

Steve Wilemon, an avid reader says: "I've read Serai through twice now and started on a third time. Each time becomes more personally revealing and inspiring. The childlikeness of Serai is trustworthy and vibrant with colorful detail. It touches a lot of soul, real quick!"

Margie Mahoney, BS, RDH, Life Coach, Guiding Mindful Change Yoga Instructor Himalayan Institute says: "Serai appeared at a point in my life where fear threatened to immobilize me. The courage of the main characters on their journeys to the underworld helped me to navigate my own inner journey, and to welcome back and heal parts of myself I had never known existed."

Carolyn Craft, Unity Minister and Radio Show Host for Lime Radio says: “Through Dr. Bill DeFoore’s engaging work, our world is relieved of much of its despair and pain. His writing illuminates the powerful force of our emotions and how to capture their potent energy for good, for healing, and for creating an abundantly successful life."

Connie Tyne, Executive Director, Cooper Wellness Program, Cooper Aerobics Center says: "Dr. Bill DeFoore gives you a better understanding of yourself and the people around you, as he shares his enormous depth and insight into human nature. I'd like to ask everyone to read his books."


SERAI: Bringing The Children Home
by William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.


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Of all of the self help books out there, this allegory gives you more self improvement ideas and self esteem help than you will find almost anywhere. Serai provides you with a roadmap to your inner world, giving you images and characters for each of the aspects of your amazing and complex self.

The benefits of the allegory of Serai include many self improvement ideas that come directly from the best possible source...your own subconscious mind. That's right, you have the best of all self help books inside you, as far as you and your situation are concerned. Whether you need depression self help, self esteem help or help with your anger, this book will give you insight and ideas for change you can make right now and for the rest of your life.

Book Summary

You are invited into the powerful and uplifting allegory of Serai. The story begins as the ancient and magical raconteur Marguerite introduces us to the characters of the Castle Corazon, each of whom represents an aspect of our remarkable inner nature. Adventures of the merchants, the warriors, the artist, the wizard and the divine Serai invite us to the dynamic dance of light and shadow where the lost and exiled beasts and children are discovered and embraced. Mysterious callings from the labyrinth beneath Corazon pull our characters from the distractions of their surface life into the mysterious realms known only by the wise and ephemeral wizard Magus.

With the wizard's sometimes elusive help on their journey, our travelers venture below into uncharted territory where they encounter strange visions illuminating their own diverse and undiscovered nature. Their efforts lead ultimately to realization and joyful release, as the pure light of their true essence is revealed. Discover how our story concludes as a wizard, two lions and a curiously radiant little girl get together and develop an amazing plan to emerge once and for all from the heart of the Castle Corazon.

Chapter Headings

Chapter One: The Castle Corazon
Chapter Two: Trouble In Aldea
Chapter Three: The Warrior Samantha
Chapter Four: Into The Depths
Chapter Five: The Sword And The Shield
Chapter Six: The Calling From Below
Chapter Seven: The Lure Of The Light
Chapter Eight: Lions At The Gates
Chapter Nine: Into The Labyrinth
Chapter Ten: Gold In The Shadows
Chapter Eleven: The Castle Citadel
Chapter Twelve: The Other Side Of The Castle Walls
Chapter Thirteen: Emerging Power
Chapter Fourteen: The Telling Of The Stories
Chapter Fifteen: Coming Home
Chapter Sixteen: Reunion

Do yourself a favor, and order your copy of this great allegory now! It's a no-risk offer, with a full money-back guarantee. I promise that this will not just fall into the pile of self help books or self improvement ideas that you have visited and cast aside. You can get depression self help and self esteem help from this one-a-kind self help product.

Most important of all, you will learn to truly love and value yourself while reading this amazing and uplifting book about the vast inner universe of you.

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