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A Quarterly E-Newsletter Devoted to Shedding Light on the Wonders of the World
August, 2004

Published By
William G. DeFoore, Ph.D.
Institute for Personal and Professional Development
and Halcyon Life Enterprises, LLP
Owned by William G. and Cindy P. DeFoore, Partners in Business and in Life
14675 Midway Road, Suite 116, Addison, TX 75001
(214) 764-7930,,

Why read this newsletter?

  • To build your optimism, faith, hope and trust in yourself and the world
  • It will be good for your health, your happiness and your immune system
  • It will inform you of positive, uplifting news, information, resources, and events regarding your own body, mind and spirit and the world around you

In this edition, you will find:





When you are looking for the good in yourself and the world around you, you are using more of your brain capacity, which may help to prevent Alzheimer's Disease, according to a now famous study you can access here. This study also reveals that the expression of positive emotion is helpful in prevention of Alzheimer's, which is a definite benefit of GOODFINDING.


In the process of looking for, finding, and talking about the good in your world, you are inevitable going to express more love and appreciation. Heartmath Institute does amazing and wonderful ongoing research on the impact of emotion on health, and has found that expressing love and appreciation helps your heart to function better. Access that research here if you would like more information.


Our beautiful, bright, tired and confused world needs you and me to find the good in it! Fortunately, when we embark on the journey of GOODFINDING, we are by no means alone. When you enter this realm of looking for positive, productive, encouraging and uplifting change, you will find amazing vistas opening before you. There is a silent awakening happening in human consciousness, and you can be a part of it. Click here to read a couple of commentaries that talk about silent awakening. Why is it silent? Because people are not doing this for fame and fortune. They are not doing it for recognition. They are doing it because it's the right thing to do, and because they are waking up.


Consider the possibility that we are asleep and having a bad dream when we believe that this world is an awful place where we are separate, alone and need to be afraid all of the time. Waking up means recognizing the huge and powerful tidal wave of quiet revolution in human consciousness that is making us better, smarter, healthier and more loving every day. Catch the wave!

A regular feature of this newsletter, which includes a few of Dr. DeFoore's Wisdom Spectrums, the essence of his work in GOODFINDING.

Simple People Doing Good Things

Today, millions of people all over the world showed small acts of love and kindness, went out of their way to help others, and asked for no recognition or praise. Many thousands committed small acts of heroism which went completely unacknowledged. Someone took the time and energy to simply be with an ailing or elderly person in need. A father set aside his demanding agenda to go fishing or play catch with his son. A mother labored tirelessly to care and provide for her family's comfort and health, knowing her efforts would be unacknowledged. A little boy spent hours making a special get well card for his older sister, even though she won't let him hang around with her and her friends. A child found a wounded bird and took it home to a father willing to stop what he was doing to mend its broken wing. Strong men held their baby sons in their arms, singing soft lullabies as they drifted off to sleep. Many people risked their jobs and even their lives to speak the truth, and to stand up for what they believed to be right and good. The simple hard work of basically good human beings kept our water running, our traffic lights working and our schools safe for our children. We are upheld by people we never see, and may never meet. Much of humanity's brilliance and value is in the small committed efforts of ordinary people. At this moment, someone is suffering that others might go free, comfort is being given to a child in fear. Right now, you and I are being held in someone's prayers.

 Therapeutic Video Games

You can now make a journey to the "wild divine" through a video game. While traveling through lush mountains and temples on the screen, you perform breathing exercises and other tasks to relax and relieve your stress. Bio-feedback devices monitor your heart rate and muscle tension as you play, so that success in the game leads to improved stress management. In an article entitled "My Therapist is a Joystick", Business Week contributor Olga Kharif writes, "Picture this: You climb to the top of a hill where gray llamas, surrounded by jagged snowcapped mountains, graze amid bright green bushes and trees. You have come to this hill to reach a temple floating above you in the sky. To get there, you must make an ally of one of the trees on the hill. But this isn't your average tree. This one inhales, holds its breath for five seconds, and slowly exhales. If you can mimic that pattern for two full minutes, the tree will build you golden stairs to the palace." Learn about this game, entitled "The Journey to Wild Divine" at Other therapeutic video games now available will help you to overcome fear of flying and arachnophobia. Such innovative media are also being used to help children overcome some of the symptoms of ADHD. Here is technological brilliance offering entertainment, beauty and healing in one package. Notice the "wild divine" all around you, all of the time.

Links to Great Places -- Dr. DeFoore's web site, listing all of his products and describing all of his services
 -- a constant source of good news from around the world! -- Wisdom Radio and Wisdom Television are a great resource of uplifting information on Body, Mind, Spirit and Earth -- People from around the world and all walks of life coming up with great ideas about anything and everything. You will laugh, learn, and be enlightened! -- where you will learn about children, their teachers and parents gardening together at their schools!



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