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One human family - we're all in this together

The beauty of opening up - time lapse flowers

Soldiers' homecoming celebrations

Strangers share a cup of success

Self esteem boost from a mirror

Getting stuck in the negative and how to get unstuck

Great speech from a great coach

Flowers and thank yous for moms

The street store for dignified shopping for the homeless

What do people live for - the Dream Rangers

Human kaleidoscope

99 year old woman makes a dress a day for children

An entire city run by kids

High school football team celebrate their disabled friend

A very quiet restaurant - find out why

Cops stop and shop with kids

Love in a blended family

You can learn anything

Meet Super Business Girl

Soccer team finds success on a floating field

Youve never seen patty-cake like this

Who has helped you achieve success

Kids who see a brighter future

It's not what happens to you, it's what you do with it

The power of words - a beautiful love story

Beautiful time-lapse of Earth from space station

Classical music like you've never seen it before

Mr. Wright - the most amazing teacher

College student is founder of Food Recovery Network

How positive emotions benefit the brain

Why lunch ladies are true heroes

Don't eat the marshmallow

Retirement gift for a wonderful first grade teacher

Misty Copeland - I will what I want

9 year old girl football star

Deaf percussionn group - Deaf, Loud and Proud

It's a good time to bring a child into the world

Win from within - the story of Ben Jackson

Music for your eyes

Subway star rises to new heights

Soccer balls to South Africa

Nico's inspiring story

The Pact - a life changing promise of friendship

Life lessons learned in Little League

Subway spa makes underground heat bearable

It's a girl!

The Landfill Harmonic

Drive-by compliments

Surprise by Lion King cast on subway

Happy cover by Walk Off The Earth

How playing an instrument helps your brain

The people are the business at Culver's

Japy Day - how to make the world a better place

Music, connection and generous hearts

Doing it like a girl is a good thing

Laughing tram man

Bank's automatic thank you machine

The power and brilliance of the quiet people

The beauty of ordinary people

100 days of dance

Dozer the marathon running dog

Nicholas and the "Gotta Have Sole" foundation

The Best Day of Your Life

You don't have to try to be beautiful

Cello playing brother who learned from their grandfather

The beautiful gift of human happiness

You have greatness within you

10 things happy people never do again

Dancing traffic cop

A soup kitchen that serves dignity

Jessica's daily affirmation - I can do anything good

Tim's Place - serving breakfast, lunch and hugs

What is your why?

A great way to start your day

We have so much to be grateful for - prosperity

Story on an airplane

Time lapse planetary panoramas

Dancing around the world backwards

The art of fishing

The journey of purpose

Because I said I would

Own your tomorrow

Beautiful animated short film "Duet"

How to love, luxuriate and play - polar bears

The power of compliments

Priceless reactions to fireworks

OK Go - The Writing's On The Wall

Call someone you love

Homeless man is rewarded for his integrity

The Wise Barber

Older Ladies by Donnalou Stevens

Get into a flow state by exercising outdoors

Changing the world through kindness - dance

Dogs make good co-workers

The happy dance at Urban Dance Camp

Paying the girl who hit my car

Beauty on the edge of discomfort

6 steps to becoming the next great musical duo

Joyful dancing around the world

Dove beauty sketches

High school surprises janitor with a gift

A waiter serving the homeless

Inspiring dads - stories about fathers

A tributre to dads

3 dads and their special ladies

The happiness test perfect score

Father daughter lip sync from Frozen

Jim Carrey on inspiration and following your dream

What do strangers think of you?

What's on your happy list?

Random acts of kindness - free or cheap

4 things you must give up to move on

Open your heart to gratitude and appreciation

From bump to buzz - ready for something new

Every moment an opportunity to help someone

"I'm Yours" by adorable young uke player

How to overcome the fear of being alones

Don't worry by happy music video

Where the hell is Matt 2013

What a wonderful world with David Attenborough

Why trust is worth it

Be the hero of your own movie

Makind people smile - college homework of kindness

First bike rides

U2 and a gospel choir

Shout out to someone who changed your life

Celebrating the power of love with the Mowgli's

Elephants playing piano and dancing

Animeals - feeding the pets of homebound people

Shout out your dream

Homecoming queen gives her crown to bullied girl

Beautiful time lapse adventure video

Pittsburgh detective adopts two boys in need

Hilarious high fives bring great smiles

Waltz on the walls of city hall

Making connections with others through difference and sameness

True colors of compassion and inclusion

One second can change everything

Fall fun in piles of leaves

Collection of pranks gone good

Elderly and youth speaking exchange connection

5th grade boys' synchronized swimming routine

Good cop pullover routine

The best mothers video

Remember to say thank you

Boy and his dog - Parkour fun

Weaving connections around the world

Chicago childrens' choir

Paying for people's groceries

Friends get a bionic hand for 19 year old

104 hobbies - the hobby hoarder

A thank you to all of the teachers

From street art to museums

The meaning of life by a 6 year old

The raw beauty project

Young adults say I love you to parents for the first time

Unknown person pays it forward weekly at restaurant

How to celebrate your 100th birthday

Cash mob for Avi -- small town shows support for store owner

96 year old yoga instructor is truly inspiring

Woman copes with loss by running in 50 states

Find out how dancing makes city streets safer

The power of one simple word - love

Columnist seeks happiness and finds good people everywhere

Stay calm amid the noise and haste

Retired teacher demonstrates love with 520,000 sandwiches

Ice cream truck helps you live your dream

"Tim's Place" doing good in all directions

Couple starts their marriage with uproarious laughter

Watch these waiters when they see the size of their tips

Morning train commute turns into a dance party

Nonprofit paints shoes for kids as random acts of kindness

Napkin notes by Garth Callaghan

Artist Willie Baronet spreads love while collecting homeless signs

Best toddler costume by Glowy Zoey

Community and veterans bike together on road to recovery

Lots of laughter with Kevin Spacey doing hilarious impressions

The world needs more love letters

"I Won't Let You Down" With OK Go!

Be comfortable in your own skin

NY sign maker gives back to his mentor in a beautiful way

24 little things to be grateful for in life

The lunch money project - doing good is contagious

Children are always listening - girls and their mothers

For the love of music - absolutely stunning

Inspiration around every corner

Random act of kindness from a police officer to a deserving teen

New York City's biggest pizza party to feed the homeless

Cross country runner carries competitor across the finish line

Homeless Korean boy steals the talent show

Why is this millionaire business man picking up trash?

Saving Draumur - a beautiful story of recovery

They expected therapy and they got a delightful surprise

The Joy Riders - Fearless free falling femailes

Scientific evidence that your mind can heal your body

The piano is their voice

Prank it forward's amazing gift to a very deserving woman

Big surprise during a fake fire drill

Grassroots ministry builds homes for war veterans

All about that baste -- Thanksgiving music from talented family

The man in the queue -- a simple act of kindness

World's friendliest airline surprises passengers with love notes

Zack's Shack -- 11 year old sells lemonade to by wheelchairs

Twin sisters separated at birth reunited as adults

The kindness of strangers -- love in action

You were born to learn -- learning is life

People on the edge and having a blast

One stitch closer -- Veronika empowers other women

Inspiring film promotes paying it forward

Matt dances in 42 countries -- absolutely wonderful

The Big Apple Circus -- a circus for everyone

Women taking college poll get a big surprise

The power of focusing on positives in relationships

The youngest and cutest UPS driver

Sometimes it really is about the nail

Gizmo the therapy dog helps kids to read

Exquisitely beautiful nature and adventure film

Fabulous interactive piano in Chicago's Union Station

Singing shopper's song is contagious

Awe inspiring video - "I Am Water"

Secret Santa sting operation brings tears of joy

Kid President's 20 thinks you should say more often

Acceptance workshop helps kids connect and cross barriers

What the holidays would look like if kids were in charge

Fabulous musical welcome home for travelers

Hilarious holiday feast with 13 dogs and one cat

Random acts of pasta

Traveling choir brings hope through holiday songs

Policemen in Lowell Michigan spreading Christmas cheer

The brave gesture that sparked a Christmas Eve truce 100 years ago

A brave and touching experiment with trust

The power of a sincere compliment

Never leave the playground with Stephen Jepson

The gift of a dog -- discover battle buddies

One year in 40 seconds

Why you should be more optimistic in the new year

Five new year's resolutions to make every year

Awesome people doing amazing things

Prison inmates turn their lives around because of "Grandma"

Improv chorus where everybody's a singer

Teen makes special olympics kids feel like super stars

A little sunsine in your life from Emi Sunshine

Childsight New York brings life into focus for kids with vision problems

Talk about having fun with your workout!

Fabulous A Capella duet performs beautiful Disney medley

Parents buy car for beloved school crossing guard

A letter to your future self - a truly inspired teacher

Magnificent veiws from the International Space Station

Horse therapy improves quality of life for disabled

"Back on my feet" program helps folks through running

Brilliant young man creates prosthetics and gives away his design

Principal buys shoes for here entire school

Discover graphene - the future of your technical devices

Beautiful film - The Coast, on the perspective that nature provides

Opening doors and hearts - the power of a kind gesture

Inspiratiional special olympics athlete Ian Shepherd

Funny fake limbo prank

Bobby McFerrin demonstrates universal knowledge of the pentatonic scale

A dad turns his entire house into a giant ball pit

Teacher provides free clothing bank for students

Beautiful words of wisdom from elders around the world

Fun loving teacher does the uptown funk dance with his entire school

Popup repair shop brings new life to used items

Amazing 76 year old opportunist shows us how to live life to the fullest

Smiling can actually make you happier

Acoustic mashup of two Taylor Swift Songs is beautiful

Bring me sunshine, bring me love

Storm Troopers get doctors and nurses to work in snowstorm

Rising Tide car wash hires autistic individuals and rises to success

School custodian becomes wonserful counselor to students

How do you define success?

"Girl Up" shows how one girl can make a big difference

Stillness Arises

Pay for your burgers with some lovin'

Twister Sister balloon artist turns passion into profession

Boston University students are hula hooping to happiness

If I can do this, what else can I do?

Live life in The Sweet Spot

Dozens of couples celebrating love

Michael Jr. likes to give laughter

The story of Jed the dancing guy

No one eats alone - the power of inclusion

Happy Mom's first birthday

See the real me - Jaimie loves science & science fiction

The giving keys - an inspiring story

The story of Emma - see the real me

Rick Mereki - Move

Travel where you live

Sean Richardson on mental toughness and delayed gratification

The Tonight Dough - fun with Jimmy Fallon

The World Is As Big Or As Small As You Make It

Valuable life lessons from the "Can-Do-Duck"

Disabled teens travel to the UK to learn to ski

This team turns a random street into a romantic dance date

Sarah from India - see the real me

Disney characters surprise shoppers

Just one more day - from the mouths of children






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