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William G. (Bill) DeFoore, Ph.D. is an author, counselor, coach, consultant and president of the Institute for Personal & Professional Development. In his role as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Dr. DeFoore believes in the self-healing power of each individual, and he facilitates this healing with thirty-five years of experience in a broad variety of therapeutic approaches.

As a business consultant, his work facilitates the necessary internal processes to prepare leaders and organizations for maximum functioning in the business paradigm of high performance work teams and self-managed work systems. Through these processes, a loyal, energized work force emerges, with a common vision for sustainable organizational growth. The main thrust of Dr. DeFoore's work is to facilitate the acceptance of individual responsibility for personal, organizational and collective systems, thereby enhancing the freedom and authority that each of us possesses to effect lasting, productive change in our personal and business realms.

Dr. DeFoore incorporates humor, spiritual focus and a genuine caring for people into the fabric of his work. As the creator of the Goodfinding Newsletter, Dr. DeFoore brings a refreshing and optimistic perspective to local and world news events, which you can read in our newsletter archives. He has been an adjunct faculty member of the Cooper Wellness Program at the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas for fifteen years, where he teaches classes on Goodfinding and Removing Barriers to Health and Happiness.

You can also view Dr. DeFoore's client list, speaking topics, or full resume.

And on a personal note, Dr. DeFoore works with his wife, Cindy Parker DeFoore, who is half owner and manager of the business. William and Cindy live happily in Aubrey, Texas, with their horses, donkey and cats.


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